This page is just to provide thanks to those that have helped me manage my collection and create this website. Most gracious thanks goes to Justin who allows me to host my website for free, thanks heaps buddy!

Special thanks goes to Jamie for helping with banners and image designs for the template, as they come.

Please visit HERE for an example of Jamie's work should you be interested in having a banner made.

Also I wanna provide thanks to some of the guys from OzCardTraders that have helped my collection along by either being generous with regards to trading in my favour, or being patient with time while I have struggled through some unexpected financial difficulties while attempting to pay them off.

Thanks to Lippo and Brad.

Special thanks to Scotty for introducing me to a fantastic bunch of people over at OzCardTraders and to everyone over there I have dealt with including Matty who drives me nuts with his bloody Saints barracking, but still it's an awesome place.